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The History of Lindstrom Equipment

Lindstrom Equipment History

Lindstrom Equipment dates back to 1958. At that time, John Lindstrom began selling Badger Farmstead, Rochester Silos, and material handling equipment. The business was located in Trout Creek, approximately twelve miles south of Modena. All business transactions were handled in John’s machine shed and as the sole employee, he also performed the entire sales and service functions.

In 1968, John made a decision that would drastically change the future of Lindstrom Equipment. John purchased the Anderson Equipment Company located in Modena. He then began selling a full line of farm machinery.

In 1976, Lindstrom Equipment outgrew its facilities. A new building was erected on John’s farm which still houses our operations today.Lindstrom Equipment Store

In January of 1983, John decided to step back and take life a little easier. He sold the business to his sons, Bruce and Brent Lindstrom.

Now, the third generation of family (Adam and Garrett Lindstrom and Nathan Deutscher) has joined the business and is helping to lead it for the next 40 years. Our business continues to grow and prosper today.

Our sales volume has risen sharply since 1970, our work force has steadily increased and we have continued to expand to keep up with the growth. In 2009, we added the Menomonie location to spread our business further north. Such growth has been possible because of the interest and dedication of our employees and our customer loyalty. For this, we are eternally grateful.